Entry #1

For Whom It May Concern,

2011-06-05 18:40:01 by DistortedMachine

Bonjour, de vieux amis. I return with resplendent gifts filled with joy. My most sincere apologies for the lack of updates here on Newgrounds. For I have been acting in an industrious and sedulous manor for quite some time now. The DISTORTED MACHINE website is now back online with several new additions. One of which is the new STORE located on both the Home and Information page. Please feel free to browse the Store and perhaps even purchase an item, as I would appreciate it immensely. Currently, I am producing more products and illustrating more designs for items to be featured in the Store. Meanwhile, I will be configuring the remaining areas of the website that redirect to the Under Construction page. I would be most grateful if someone could leave feedback, suggestions, complaints, or opinions of their experience whilst viewing the website and/or Store, it would help me improve infinitely.

The JOURNAL page on DISTORTED MACHINE has also been revived. I will be posting frequently there with thoughts, updates, studies, sketches, ramblings, and whatnot. LOOKADIT.


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